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The use of the cabinet.

The cabinet bearing capacity of frame structure is stronger; Machine cabinet standard assembly and full of molding holes easy to install; The outdoor distribution cabinet adopts the outer packing door structure, and the inner seal adopts PU foaming, with high aesthetic and high protection level. Better protect your components.

Why is it that entering the Chinese market in the cabinet can quickly become famous, and outdoor distribution cabinet manufacturers are rushing to spring up? It is because the product is classic, deeply loved by the customer. Shanghai kaiyue electric equipment co., LTD is a company integrating r&d, production and sales. Engaged in sheet metal industry for many years, make full use of the existing sheet metal experience, combined with the external cabinet technology. In addition to the imitation standard cabinet, many non-standard design and the opening of the special cabinet are also favored by customers and the market! At the same time, the company has its own unique views in the electric gas cabinet, distribution box, cantilever, operating table, cabinet air conditioner and terminal box.


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