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Maintenance of operation station.

1. Generally, the installation and maintenance method of the steel laboratory bench is not to use sharp and sharp hard objects.

2, the application of the cant work station don't spin for a long time in more than 135 ° C temperature environment;

3. Do not expose to open fire, molten metal, metal sparks or direct sunlight, and cannot be used as a cutting surface.

4. The flame of the coal gas lamp or alcohol lamp will damage the table, so the alcohol lamp or gas lamp should be used on the tripods.

5, work station recommended warm water, acetone or mild detergent to clean, can choose to or dishwashing detergent to wash your hands, do not choose to contain abrasive cleaner so as not to damage the surface, strong acid composition. For stubborn stains, the hypochloric acid can be dripping onto the surface of the contaminated surface and wash away.


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