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Selection of low voltage distribution cabinet.

Selection knowledge of low voltage distribution cabinet:

Now also a low-voltage distribution cabinet factory, Shanghai will also introduce different model and technical parameter of the distribution device, however all areas of business for this type of equipment requirements and performance parameters, has a different standard. At this time, how to choose the low voltage distribution cabinet suitable for oneself becomes the topic that everybody pays attention to very much.

First, now the domestic distribution system used by the low voltage power distribution ark is divided into two types, one is the international electrical equipment co., LTD., research and development production of low voltage power distribution ark, usually we see it as a distribution equipment imports. The other is low-voltage distribution cabinet equipment introduced by low-voltage distribution cabinet in Shanghai. Both in the related structural design, technical parameters and performance has a certain difference, this time we will be combined with their actual demand, and then select more suitable device of low voltage electric closet.

Second, mistress line maximum rated current is key technical parameters, how big can mistress line load current value for the merchants in low voltage power distribution ark of choose and buy when, is critical.

Third, peak current short-term tolerance is one of the key technical parameters, complete sets of equipment, the index must conform to the provisions of the standard, the circuit can better withstand the peak current can be assured.

Fourth, shell protection grade, know now Shanghai low voltage power distribution ark manufacturer of low voltage power distribution ark equipment chooses raw material is different, but the standard documents issued by national relevant units, and for this type of distribution ark shell protection adopted relevant hierarchical, all businesses can according to their own needs, and then choose to accord with the actual use of their equipment.

Fifth, different models of low-voltage distribution cabinets, also natural ups and downs of the differences on the price, this time suggest that we do not covet is cheap price, because the quality of products is also need certain cost investment and sophisticated production process, and quality of low voltage power distribution ark device later in the process of operation, more can save maintenance cost, not frequent failure problems.

Of low voltage power distribution ark has been more widely used, hope that through the simple introduction of above, can let everyone in Shanghai low voltage power distribution ark manufacturer among the various series of products, choose the more suitable device of low voltage electric closet, ensuring that related to the environment of power system, can be more normal operation.


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