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KYAK/AE/KL series

  •  KYAK cabinet
 KYAK cabinet

KYAK cabinet

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  • Product description: KYAK cabinet
KYAK control cabinet process characteristics and performance:

PU foam sealing strip to ensure that the box reaches IP56 protection level.

Extend the box frame, bearing hinge, door plate square tube reinforcement to ensure the high strength of the box system.

* optional 3.0mm galvanized mounting plate and high strength mounting bracket ensure the reliability of the installation device (cabling outside the box).

The bottom inlet and outlet device ensures flexible and convenient access.

Optional stainless steel transport hoisting system ensures quick and convenient transportation.

Surface sprayed color RAL7035/RAL7032 (plastic powder color can be customized)

Materials: (other materials are optional)

Surface treatment: spray plastic treatment, and galvanizing plate

Protection level: IP56 (by GB4205-1993)

Standard configuration: door panel, box, sealing strip, grounding kit, mounting plate and door lock.

Thickness of steel plate:

Box: 1.5mm (optional 2.0mm)

Door: 2.0mm

Installation board: 2.5mm (optional 3.0mm)