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KYAK/AE/KL series

  • KYAE box
KYAE box

KYAE box

  • Low voltage electrical
  • Electrical control
  • Product description: KYAE box
Technical features of KYAE box:

The control box is to assemble the switch equipment, measuring instrument, protective electrical apparatus and auxiliary equipment in the closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or screen to make up the low-voltage distribution device according to the electrical wiring requirements. It can be switched on or off by manual or automatic switch during normal operation.

The PU foam seal ensures that the box reaches the protection level of IP56.

The various types and sizes of the convex platform ensure that the incoming line is convenient.

The galvanized mounting plate can also be used for wiring outside the box body.

The multi-layer protection groove of the box is not only strengthened, but also prevents the door panel from opening and the dirt and water enter the box.

It is very convenient to open and close the diverging lock system with double tooth lock core, and ensure its universality.

The mounting plate and mounting bracket of both sides of the two sides are guaranteed to the maximum extent.

Size: all sizes can be customized according to your requirements.

Material: cold rolled steel sheet.

Surface treatment: the box body and door plate are coated with phosphate coating, the exterior is powder coating, the color can be divided into two kinds of woven lines, RAL7032 and RAL7035, and the mounting plate is galvanized.

Protection grade :IP56.

Standard configuration: door panel, box body, sealing strip, grounding kit, mounting plate, door lock (fork lock)

Thickness of steel plate:

Case: 1.5mm (optional 2.0mm)

Door plank: 2.0 mm

Mounting plate: 2.5mm
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