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KYAK/AE/KL series

  • KL junction box
KL junction box

KL junction box

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  • Product description: KL junction box
Product description:

The door panel and the enclosure are installed with the special screws and the retainer according to the general standard, not only to ensure the protection level but also to ensure that the box is used and maintained in a very narrow space.

The multi-layer protective tank can not only strengthen the door, but also prevent the dirt and water from opening.

The PU foam sealing strip ensures that the enclosure protection level reaches IP56.

The ground wire can connect the box body and the door plate.

The two sides of the box are equipped with a bracket with a screw hole to ensure maximum installation height and can be installed with support rail or mounting plate.

The special plastic insulated sleeve can not only seal, but also make the door plate screw not loose, and guide the screw when the screw is tightened.

Material: cold rolled steel sheet.

Surface treatment: the case and door plate are coated with phosphating, the exterior is powder coating, and the color can be divided into two kinds: RAL7032 and RAL7035.

Protection grade :IP56(press gb4205-1993)

Standard configuration: door panel, box body, seal strip, box cover screw, mounting plate (optional)

Thickness of steel plate:

Case: 1.2 to 1.5 mm

Door plank: 1.5 mm

Mounting plate: 2.5mm
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