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Electronic control / distribution cabinet series

  • KYPS cabinet - copy
KYPS cabinet - copy

KYPS cabinet - copy

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  • Product description: (1) the standard color of the cabinet is RAL7035 computer white or RAL7032 computer grey, and the customers do not indicate that they are made according to RAL7035. (2) the standard color of the
The technical features of PS frame type general control cabinet are introduced.

(1), the cabinet door is 25mm from the ground.

(2) 2.5mm thick mounting plate with 20mm wide U curved edges on both sides, making the mounting plate more powerful and easy to handle.

(3) the three cables at the bottom of the box can be replaced by the cover plates, which can be replaced each other. It is easy to move, easy to import the cable and easy to open the Kong Jin line.

(4) there are grounding bolts on the door.

(5) bearing hinge is easy to install and easy to change. The cabinet door can be opened 130 degrees.

(6) the plastic slider can be pushed through the guide rail by the plastic slider and push the installation plate from the front of the cabinet into the cabinet.

(7) a strong rectangular frame can not only strengthen the strength of the front door, but also fix the electrical components (with the use of door mounting bars).

(8) the backplane can be easily installed and fixed with screws.

(9), standard MS821 lock, upper, middle and lower three points to lock the door.

(10), sealing ring: polyurethane foam sealant to ensure the protection level.

(11) add waterproof edge and cabinet door seal ring at the door frame to prevent water and dust from falling into the cabinet.

(12), (single door) swaps open door design, easy to use.

(13) design of standard modular mounting holes for easy installation.

(14) inner lamp for easy installation and testing.

(15) file bag for on-site work (optional).

(16) installing beams can also be installed inside the cabinet without using the installation panel.

(17) fan and filter net to ensure ventilation inside the cabinet, protection level IP54 (optional).

(18), base, fixed, movable, dismantling and installation are very convenient (optional).

(19) double mounting plate with large installation capacity (optional).

(20), door installation, easy to install.

(21) all frame side panels, front and rear doors, roof and floor can be removed, which can meet all kinds of requirements and facilitate installation and maintenance.

4. Standard configuration:

(1) one of the back plates of the front single door.

(2) one piece of electrical installation board.

(3) two pieces each of the installation of the longitudinal beam and the door.

(4) one set of door control lamp system.

(5), one of the data box.

(7), simple corrugated paper packing.

5. Standard color and thickness:

(1) the standard color of our cabinet is RAL7035 computer white or RAL7032 computer grey, and the customers do not indicate that they are made according to RAL7035.

(2) the standard color of our electrical installation panel is: white zinc or orange plating. Customers do not indicate that they are made of zinc white.

(3), our company standard material thickness is: the cabinet is 1.5 millimeters, the door plank is 2 millimeters, the installation plate 2.5 millimeters.