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KYAP console/console.

  •  KYAP-1 operating table
 KYAP-1 operating table

KYAP-1 operating table

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  • Product description: KYAP-1 operating table
The technical features and properties of the bevel operating table:

The design of humanized structure is beautiful and generous

The operation table can be lifted upwards and equipped with luxurious hydraulic support to reflect the high-end quality and humanization of the table.

* the front (double) door is very high away from the ground, about 25mm, to ensure smooth and convenient opening.

The dark hinge will not be highlighted in the door frame and cabinet, easy to install and easy to remove.

PU foaming technology to ensure the sealing of the table body

Surface treatment: phosphating primer treatment, external coating for powder, color can be divided into RAL7032 and RAL7035 two kinds of two kinds of weave, the installation plate is zinc plating.

Protection level: IP54 (by GB4205-1993)

Standard configuration: front single (double) door, operation table, cabinet, mounting plate, door lock, sealing strip and hydraulic support.

Thickness of steel plate:

Box: 1.5mm door: 2.0mm

Operating table: 2.0mm

Installation board: 2.5mm